Professional Management Services
Ready yourself and your institution for market downturns by joining forces with a professional REO management and disposition firm. By taking this proactive stance, you will show your board, investors, and clients that you have the insight to prepare for quick disposition of nonperforming assets. We specialize in disposing of these assets and can bring a streamlined and efficient solution to your organization.
Small, Boutique Firm...Big Results
Source is a small firm which understands the operations of other small businesses. Our sights aren't set on the nation’s top ten lenders. Instead, we specialize in providing personalized service to clients with a smaller volume of foreclosures. You are in direct contact with the firm owners on a regular basis, who personally handle your business needs.
One Contact for All Properties
No more chasing down multiple listing agents for property updates! By retaining an professional management company, you able yourself to make one call to our office to receive updates on all of your properties. Because we manage your entire portfolio, we maintain marketing and condition reports on each property and are able to provide them at a moment’s notice.
Free Up Staff Time
By outsourcing your REO management, you will instantly increase your operation’s productivity by allowing your in-house staff to focus on their other, primary responsibilities.
Agent Prequalification and Selection
We maintain relationships with the country’s leading REO firms and agents. When the time comes to select an agent to list and market your property, we will handle the details, ensuring your property is with a hardworking and diligent agent.
Paperwork and Legal Counsel
Are you confident that your organization is covered and free of liability when selling your REO properties? Our clients receive access to special contract addenda and other paperwork which reduces your liability and protects you from lawsuits. We also have retained special REO legal counsel, available to consult with you.
Monthly Reporting
Each month you will receive a portfolio update which shows the status, condition, and market activity of all of your properties. With this information all in one place, it allows you to share updates with your management team, board of directors, and investors. 
Quick Sale Program
Available only through Source, you have access to our Quick Sale program which allows you to tap into our direct to investor marketing. The result: faster sale, better price!